About Our Company“ provider of insurance, risk management and financial services. „

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In life and business, you need a strong backup, a dependable ally. That's what you get from all Al Mashrek Insurance Group UAE covers for the widest range of tailor-made Life and Non-Life Insurance protection: Motor, Oil and Gas, Marine and Aviation, Pensions, Life Assurance and Financial Advisory Services... and much more.

We work round the clock to ensure that your life, the things you live and work for are protected.

Insurance remains the flagship of the Al Mashrek Insurance Group UAE, which has shareholders' funds in excess of $3.1 billion and assets base in excess of $4.5 billion, with subsidiaries and strategic investments in other diverse sectors, notably: Real Estate, Banking, Telecommunications, Mining, Construction, Waste Management and Engineering.

The Company has established a reputation for excellent delivery of insurance products and services, especially in special risks, such as oil & energy, engineering, aviation, and industrial risk management.